Morning with bird song

Morning of 19th April was clear and cold. Our school-day started with  (amateur) ornithologist Peep Veedla in school yard listening to birds’ song. If ususally all the songs seem similar, then following the guidenece of experienced person we managed to distiguish several birds around our school area.
We saw the nest places of house sparrow on our school wall and heard them singing too. We could distinguish great tit song püksid-püksid very well and saw and listened blue tit. Robin has moved this year to our neighbouring kinderkarten’s yard. We could not see him, but heard clearly. Children’s favourite was surely crow. We got to know that crow is also a singing bird. Pied wagtail was sitting on the fence watching what we were doing. We also heard  chaffinch pirrrutik and greenfinch green-gree.

Later in the classroom we were looking for some additional material from internet. Listened once again to bird songs and looked the photos.
It was a nice start for the day!

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