Cedric Arnoux France

Cedric Arnoux is the principal of Ecole élémentaire Edmond Bocquier in St. Gilles Croix de Vie in France and he is part of the Comenius group. Some teachers from Clontuskert will visit his school in November. Check out his school at http://ec-bocquier-85.ac-nantes.fr

1. How many pupils are in your school?
We have 153 pupils in my school from 6 to 11 years old.

2. What time do the pupils come in and what time do they leave?
School begins at 9:00AM and finishes at 16:30 PM

3. Do the students have to wear a uniform?
No in France, pupils don’t have to wear a uniform

4. What sport do the pupils play?
At school, they play rugby, athletic sports (running, jumping…), swimming, kayak, optimist (this is a little sailboat), gym, team games, basket, handball, roller, and tennis, ultimate…. And In St Gilles they can surf too!!! And play every sport: football, judo, climbing, badminton, fencing…

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