Les Keen Durham, England

Les Keen is a teacher at The Oaks School in County Durham England. Les is the co-ordinator of our STAGE project. Visit Les’s school at www.theoaks.durham.sch.uk

The Oak School
1. How many pupils are in your school?
There are 240 students in our school each class having around 12 to 15 students.

2.What is the favourite part of your job?
At the moment the favourite part of my job is being involved in the Comenius project. It gives me the opportunity to visit different countries and meet and work with students and teachers from schools across Europe.

3.Tell us a bit about your school.
The Oaks Secondary School is just over six years old and we are very lucky to be equipped with excellent facilities. We have a sports hall and fitness gym, two playing fields, a hydrotherapy pool, two science classes and a technology room. We also have excellent ICT equipment where each class has three computers an interactive whiteboard and projector.

4. Did you enjoy Sunderland beating Chelsea?
Yes, I enjoyed the victory over Chelsea very much which went a long way to helping the club and its supporters get over the terrible recent defeat by our local rivals Newcastle United.

5. Have you visited Ireland before? Did you like it?
I have never visited Ireland myself but lots of my family and friends have and say it is a beautiful country. They also say the people are really friendly and kind so I am really excited about the visit – see you all in March.


Nearly 84% of the population of the UK lives in England.49, 561, 800 of 2002.The capital of England is London. The currency is pound. The 2012 Olympics is being held in Stratford which is in England. London is the largest city in Europe. There are 12, 000,000 people living in the greater part of London area. The world’s first public Zoo was built in London 1829.The English drink more tea per person than any other people in the world, over 20 times more than Americans. The schools that are involved in our group are in Durham and Gateshead in the north east of England. Morris dancing is a famous dance in the south of England. The English flag has the cross of St.George on it.

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