Durham Contact Seminar

This is the story of how the schools connected, written by Larry the Leprechaun:

Larry says Hello!

Dia dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!

Is mise Larry the legend leprechaun. Tá mé anseo i Durham le Mr. O’ Riordan agus tá a lán nuacht agam!

I arrived today in the city of Durham which is near Newcastle and I have met teachers from other countries. They are all eager to learn about St.Augustine’s and Clontuskert. I have been telling them about all the interesting things we do. This evening I am going to show them some pictures of Clontuskert.

Inniu chonaicme an ‘Angel of the North’. This is a large and famous sculpture near Newcastle perhaps you can look it up? I also saw Durham Cathedral which was built in 1100’s

Slán go foill, beidh mé arais


Durham Cathedral

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  1. Hello to Larry The Legend Leprechaun and Mr. O’Riordan!We were all very happy to hear from you, and really liked seeing Larry all the way from Durham!
    We looked up the ‘Angel of the North’ sculpture and thought it was cool!

Tá súil againn go mbeidh tú (agus Mr. O’Riordan!) ar áis go luath,
Slán go fóill,

From everyone in Juniors, Seniors and First Class!!

The children from Clontuskert N.S said this on November 12, 2009 at 1:36 pm

  • Hello Larry the Legend and Mr. O Riordan,Great to hear from you both! How is England? We are having a great time here in Clontuskert but we miss you both!!Yesterday we did LEGO in class. Bing Bong built a moving robot with gears. It was a model train. Bing Bong was in the NNSM group!We were disappointed that the Cross Country was cancelled. It will be on next Wednesday instead.We found out information on the Angel on the North for you!! We saw some photos of it on the net. You can see them on this site: http://www.google.ie/images?sa=3&q=angel+of+the+north+newcastle&btnG=Search+imagesThe Angel of the North was built in 1998 and it is 22 metres in height. It weighs 200 tonne. It was designed by Anthony Gormley from England. The wings are not flat but are angled at 3.5 degrees.It can stand winds of over 100mph. it had to transported by three articulated trucks.Did you take any photos of Larry in front of the Angel of the North?How’s the weather in Durham?What countries have you met so far?We can’t wait to hear from you again!!From everyone in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th!!Tá Larry ar ais!

    Dia dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!

    Larry anseo! An bhfuil nuacht agat? An bhfuil ag déanamh a lán obair?

    Last night I showed people from different countries pictures of our school and of the parish. They thought Clontuskert was very beautiful and that we had a great school. They were really impressed with your singing of Óró sé rap and your school news letter. People in France, Sweden, Estonia and many more are going to show your paper to their children

    Today we got into groups to do projects together. The picture below shows our group – there are schools from Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and two from England. That’s me at the front of the group!

    Slán libh go fóil

    Beidh mé arais


    Comenius group

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    1. Thanks Larry and Mr. O Riordan for your news!!
      Táimíd go léir ar fheabhas anseo!!

    We are all looking forward to your return with Mr. O Riordan Larry!

    We are very excited to see all the different teachers from so many countries! It is so exciting!!

    From us all!
    See you soon and safe flight!

    Larry ar ais arís!

    Dia Dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!

    Conás atá sibh inniu? An bhfuil sibh réidh don cluiche peil mór idir Eire agus an Fhraic? Cad a beidh an scór ceap sibh?

    Unfortunately I only passed the Angel of the North on the bus so I did not get a picture of it. I have not met Jedward but Bing Bong you will be happy to know I have a nice bed!

    I have met teachers from all over Europe, besides the group I am working with there are teachers from Holland, Macedonia, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Cyprus.

    The weather is cold but dry. Great work on the ‘Angel of the North’!

    I want to introduce you to a teacher from France, his name is Cedric Arnoux. He comes from Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie http://www.stgillescroixdevie.com which is near Nantes. His school have a website it http://ec-bocquier-85.ac-nantes.fr

    He says hello and that he is a teacher working with Mr. O’ Riordan. He and his students hope to meet us soon

    Cedric with Larry


    Je suis un enseignant francais et ami de Joe. J espere vous rencontrer bientot et mes eleves aussi

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