Helsinbourg Sweden

Hi everyone,
Larry here. Yesterday I left Ireland with Ms Burke, Ms Scott and Mary at 11:05am and arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark at 2:15. If Denmark is one hour ahead can you figure out how long the flight took?

Then we took the train from Copenhagen to Helsinborg in Sweden! The train ride took 5o minutes. We passed through beautiful countryside on the way!! We had welcome evening at the school. We had a smorgasbord!!! Can you find out what that is? We heard the children perform. They were excellent!!

Can you find out what Hello, Goodbye, Thank You and Please are in Swedish? We will chat tomorrow.
Hello Larry, Mary, Ms. Burke and Ms. Scott,
Larry we hope you are well and behaving in Sweden!
We found out the answers to your questions;
1. The flight was 2 hours 10 minutes.
2. A Smorgasbord is a type of Scandanavian meal served buffet style with many dishes of various foods on a table and it comes from Sweden.
3. These are the Swedish words you asked for:
tack=thank you
We hope you are going to use all these words keep Mary Miss Burke and Miss Scott safe. Goodbye from the Redevil and all at Clontuskert.

Larry here again. We are having a wonderful time in Helsinborg, Sweden and learning lots about Maria Park school and the surrounding area.
We went on a city tour yesterday. Grade 9 students were our tour guides for the day. We saw the concert hall, Helsinborg tower, the north harbour, parliament buildings and Terasstrapporna – three fountains.

Here are the three bears. Do you recognise Mama Bear?

We had a traditional lunch in a cafe in the countryside and afterwards went to Nimis where we we walked in Ladonia!!! Can you find out about this and the artist Lars Wilks!!
We visited some of the classrooms and learned a lot about the school. There are 750 pupils in the school. It is opened since 1997 and before this it was a hospital for people who were deemed to be “mentally unwell”. You can find out more about this!!

We also learned some facts about Sweden!! As you were so good at answering the other questions we want you to find out the name of the highest mountain and largest lake in Sweden.

Here I am with some of the children from Maria Park school!!

Hej Do,


Hello Larry, Mary. Ms. Burke and Ms. Scott!
Hej from the Senior Room!
Today we are very busy. 5th and 6th are finishing their first issue of the Clontuskert Tribune for this year.
How are ye keeping? How’s the weather?
It is a little bit sunny here now. The solar powered Wind Turbine in our class is working at the moment! Whenever it’s sunny the solar cell it makes energy and the Wind Turbine spins.
Mama Bear (Ms. Burke) was looking good! (From Mario!)
Tonight the fireworks and the tug of war is on in Ballinasloe! We are all looking forward to it!
See you on Monday!
From us all in the Senior Room in Clontuskert.


Hello from all the children in Ms Scott’s room. Is Larry
being a good boy? What’s the weather like there, it’s wet and windy here. We
got new books from the library yesterday. It was a very hard decision to choose
students of the week because everybody worked and behaved excellently all week
but Peter Pan and Barbie were the winners. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip and look
forward to seeing you on Monday.xxx

P.S: the highest mountain in Sweeden is the
Kebnekaise peak at 2,104m high and the largest lake is lake Vanern at 5648
square kilometres

Visit to Sweden

As you know Larry, Ms. Burke, Ms. Scott and Mary represented Clontuskert on our Comenius trip to Sweden last week.
When they came back they showed us a presentation about their time in Helsingborg. We listened really well and if you click on the podcast you will be able to hear all that we learned.

Hope you enjoy!

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