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Mr. O’Riordan and Ms. Burke went to France on the17-11-10.They went to have a meeting about the logo for our Comenius group and about other activities in our project. They went to ecole Edmond Bocquier which is part of our STAGE project. Stage stands for Seven Towards A Greener Europe. Three logos from each school were chosen. Twiggy’s, Buzzer’s and Magnificent’s logos were chosen from our school. The winning logo was from England. Congratulations to the winner! There are around hundred and fifty pupils in Edmond Bocquier school. Larry met all the children in the school and loved it. Larry said the children were brilliant and the staff very friendly. There are 7 classrooms in the school and it is in a town called in St.Gilles-Croix-de-vie. Two teachers from their school are coming to our school in March. By Supra and Minime.

Larry with the French School’s mascot Arthur

The winning Logo

Larry’s Interview.

1.What was France like and was it very warm?

France was very nice, the people were very friendly and it was a bit warmer then Ireland.

2.Were the children nice to you?

The children were excellent and they asked interesting questions.

3.Did you tell them about hurling and if so did they think it was complicated?

I tried to, but it was hard to describe ,I promised to send them a video of hurling though.

4.Were the teachers mean?

NOT AT ALL! They were the nicest teachers ever.

5.Was understanding their language difficult?

As a leprechaun I can speak many languages plus the children were brilliant at English.

6. Do they like Thierry Henry?

I didn’t mention it because I was afraid they would say yes.

Larry Returns

Dia dhaoibh a pháistí,

Tá mé go maith agus tá mé ag baint taitneamh as mo t-am anseo.

Today we voted on the logos, everyone was very impressed by your artwork. It was a very close vote and a logo by the school from Durham won. I have sent you a picture of the logo. Well done to Magnificent, Buzzer and Triggy – you all did really well.

Tomorrow I will give the letters Mr O’ Riordan’s class wrote to the children in one of the classes in the school.

1. Do you have a school mascot like Larry?

The school does not have a mascot but can you remember the mascot I brought back from France last year? That is the mascot of St.Gilles..lets see who can remember!

2. How often do you get to surf in school?

They don’t surfing from school but they have no school on Wednesday so they go surfing then and at the weekend

3. Would you be able to teach us how to surf?

I’m sure they could teach you but I don’t think we can bring them surfing on the river suck

4. What do you know about Ireland?

They know a lot about Ireland and in December they will send us information about their country.

5. How old is your school building?

Their school was built in 1952 and has been renovated recently

Tóg mé griangraf don scoil agus na leannaí. The pictures show a hallway in the school, some of the children’s project work and two of the classrooms.


Thank you Larry for your great news updates! We spoke about your trip to France in Assembly today! It is so exciting to hear from you and see photos of the school in France. The children in St. Gilles look very happy.

Congratulations to the student in Durham in England who won the LOGO competition. It is an excellent LOGO.

Don’t worry Larry, we remember the mascot from St. Gilles-it was a fish, wasn’t it?

Today in class we are working on stories about ‘Larry’s Adventure in Clontuskert Abbey’. When we have finished we hope to make a Photo Story Book from the stories we have made up! We are reading them out in class today. When we are finished we will put them up on the blog for all of our friends across Europe to read!

Safe travelling home to Ireland on Sunday! We can’t wait to see you, Ms. Burke and Mr. O Riordan on Monday. We hope that you are looking after Mr. O Riordan and Ms. Burke Larry!

Slán go fóill!

Juniors, Seniors, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class from Clontuskert NS!

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C’ est Larry ici. Je suis ici en St. Gilles avec les professeurs Francaises. Il est un trés jolie ville et les étudiants disent “ça- va”

Hello Children,

How are you? Larry here in St. Giles with teqchers from all over Europe. In the picture you can see me with Miss Burke and Cedric. Cedric hqs the present I gave his school. In the other pic I am with Les from England and teachers from Sweden. Today we visited the classrooms. Have you any questions you would like to ask the students here? Also, can you find St. Gilles on the map?

See you again soon,

Au revior, a bientot

Dia dhaoibh Larry, Iníon de Burke, an t-Usal O Ríordán agus na múinteorí go léir i St. Gilles,

We are all so excited to see you today online! We are all missing you here in Clontuskert. We hope that you are having a lovely time in France.

Questions for the students of St. Gilles:

1. Do you have a school mascot like Larry?

2. How often do you get to surf in school?

3. Would you be able to teach us how to surf?

4. What do you know about Ireland?

5. How old is your school building? Ours was built in 1956. It was made bigger in 1999. We have three classrooms and two resource rooms and a big indoor hall. We love our school!

We are going to look up St. Gilles on Google maps now!

We look forward to hearing from you all again!

From all the students in Clontuskert

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