Tallin Estonia

Tere from Tallinn!

Children I am writing to you today from the capital of Estonia. I travelled yesterday with Ryanair from Dublin to London and with Easyjet from London to Tallinn. Can you figure out what time my flights were at? I’ll give you some help, I arrived in Tallinn at 21:35 last night.

Today I had a chance to see some sights and to meet a very interesting person…

Miss Dooley, Miss Burke and I about to begin our trip!

Miss Dooley and I out side the Parliament buildings which are on Toompea hill

Mr Riordan holding me up in front of the Town Hall. Can you tell who Vana Thomas is? He has something to do with this old building that was built in 2024. Ow! Mr. O Riordan has just pinched my arm and given out to me for not paying attention:( Apparently the town hall was not built in 2024, perhaps you can help me find the correct date so I won’t get in trouble again.

A very interesting old clock but Mr. O Riordan is now refusing to tell me anything as he said I never listen..at least I think that’s what he said I wasn’t really paying attention. Anyway any ideas on what this wooden clock was for?

Mr. O’ Riordan with a very happy looking artist called Navitrolla (I took the picture). 5th and 6th class do you remember learning about him and studying his paintings? We gave a card with your pictures on it and a photo of your paintings. He was so happy that children in Ireland had heard about him and was really impressed with your work, he said it was nearly better than his. He also gave us a lovely big poster of one of his paintings for our school.

That’s all for now children. I like Tallin but I miss Clontuskert. What have I missed? Any news?

Larry the Leprechaun

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